Blackberry and apple crumble with oats and whole wheat

blackberry and apple crumble 004

The combination of blackberries and apples as a classical English crumble was unknown to me before my trip to Cornwall recently. I was then hiking in the fields, amazed at the amount of delicious blackberries that was growing wild just about everywhere. The ones I Couldn’t shove in to my mouth I collected in a jar a brought back to my couch surfing host, to make her a traditional Swedish crumble. Because of some accidents involving escaping black berries along the walk, I didn’t have so many berries left at the end of the day. I bought some apples to fill out the filling and then I cooked this crumble, with some of the white wheat flour replaced with whole wheat flour, and some  whole oats. It makes the dough crunchy and gives it a bit of a nutty flavour. I also added some cinnamon, which has a natural sweetness to it, and some cardamom, to give it all a bit of a spicy touch. The crumble was popular, and even worked well to eat cold with yoghurt as breakfast the next day. But I still thought that I had come up with a new and innovating  combination with the blackberries and the apples.

A week later I was at a food writing course in Devon, and for the shared meal it was decided that we should make the English classic blackberry and apple crumble. Not so innovating then maybe, but a pretty good instinct about what goes down with the Brits.

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 Blackberry and apple crumble

1 decilitre wheat flour or light spelt flour

1 decilitre whole wheat flour

1 decilitre rolled oats

1 decilitre granulated sugar

100 gram butter

250 gram blackberries, frozen or fresh

2 apples, sliced

½ teaspoon vanilla essence or powder

Turn the oven to 175 Celsius.

Mix the flour, the rolled oats and the sugar in a bowl. Cut the butter in to smaller pieces and mix it with the flour mixture. Mix together to a crumbly dough.

Slice the apples finely and mix with blackberries and vanilla essence or powder. If the berries have been frozen, make sure they are defrosted before putting them into the oven.

Butter a tin and spread out the blackberries and the apples evenly at the bottom. Divide the crumbly dough over the fruit and berries in a even layer.

Bake for about 20 minutes, until the crumble has got golden and the fruit is soft.

Serve with custard, vanilla ice cream or plain yoghurt.



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