Blackberry Eton mess with honey and cardamom roasted oats

blackberry Eton mess 1

About a year ago I had just come home from my 3 weeks long trip to Cornwall, Devon and London, and I was completely absorbed with my new passion for British food, and for wanting to give it a better reputation. I started this blog in order to learn more about traditional English, Welsh, Scottish and northern Irish dishes, and to experiment with making them more healthy in some way. Maybe I got water over my head, for some reason or another I haven’t been as active with my posting as I wanted to. It doesn’t mean that I have stopped thinking about, or cooking British food. Some times to a higher degree, sometimes not as much. These couple of days I have been thinking a lot about my trip and how much I loved it. I have been longing for the dramatic Cornwall coastline, the green hills and just all that atmosphere that I love so much. And the blackberries. Walking in the UK countryside this time of the year basically means free access to as much blackberries you can eat. They are everywhere! In Malmö, south Sweden where I live you have to know the secret spots, get there before everyone else and be equipped with full coverage against the evil thorns. It is much more of a hustle to get your hands on blackberries here. Anyway. Since I started this blog with a recipe containing blackberries, I would like to add another now, one year later. And with that comes a hope (I wont promise) that this year there will be more activity here on the blog.

Eton mess is a typical summer desert, with meringues, cream and usually strawberries. It originates from Eton collage where it is served at the annual cricket game. In Sweden we have something similar called meringue swiss, but that has ice-cream, banana and chocolate sauce in it as well. Very scrumptious, but Eton mess feels like a lighter and less sinful version.

Blackberry Eton mess 2

This desert turned out to be one of the best I have ever eaten, if I may say so myself. It is like a mix between Eton mess and a trifle, which are booth very good things. It is not very much more healthy then the original thing, I just switched some of the cream for sour cream. It gives it a nice, slightly zingy touch that goes really well with the sweet meringue. The oats brings a bit of sweetness and some extra crunchiness, almost as if there where pieces of little, super quickly baked oat and cardamom biscuits in there. The cardamom goes really well with the juicy, somehow earthy blackberries. It is a super easy desert/pudding to make, with pre- picked or bought blackberries and already made meringues you put it together in 5 minutes while your friends digest their dinner. Just try it!

Blackberry Eton mess with honey and caramom roasted oats

Blackberries (as much as you like)

Meringue (as much as you like)

1, 5 decilitre whipped cream

0,5 decilitre sour cream

1 decilitre rolled oats

½ tsp grounded cardamom

1 tbsp honey

If the blackberries are frozen, take them out of the freezer to defrost a couple of hours before you are serving.

Roast the rolled oats lightly in a dry pan. Add the grounded cardamom. Take from heat and stir in the honey. Let cool.

Whip the cream and stir in the sour cream.

Crush the meringues and divide in 4 glasses or the bottom of a big bowl. Add the cream over the meringues. Add the blackberries and finish with the roasted oats. Serve.blackberry Eton mess 3


Welsh amber pudding with grapefruit

amber puddings 1

I celebrate the start of the first spring month with a pudding that feels like sunshine, and makes you think of the yellow and purple crocuses that start to pop up in the gardens!

I thought it was time for a welsh cake here, and I have been wanting to try the welsh amber pudding that I found a recipe for in a issue of Olive Magazine.

I had never heard of amber pudding, or Pwdin marmaléd Cymreig as it is apperntly called in welsh. But a tart with a marmalede custard filling did sound tempting! Acording to the magazine the origin of the cake is unknown, but maybe there is some one out there who knows more?

Of course I wanted to try to make it ”healtier” in some ways. I followed Olives advice to use red grapefruit marmalade, which gave it a wonderfull orange color. I also swopped the flour to ground almonds and coconut flour, and the sugar for stevia sweetening. I made a marmalade with stevia instead of sugar, and cut down on the butter in the filling. The result turned out better than I had hoped for.

It just taste so very british (and/or welsh I guess, but I had never yet had the chance to go there, so I couldn’t say). I guess it is the chevy and distinct pieces of peel that made me think of marmalade, combined with the custardness of the egg mixture and just the whole look of the cute little induvidual pie. The almonds are totaly my own invention, but it feels like they go very well together with the bitter- sweet grapefruit filling, and I like the extra crunch that it gives.

I used small tart moulds because there wasn’t enough dough for a big one, but that you can make one and a half load if you want to make one big tart. The crust didn’t stick together well enough to transform from the moulds. If you don’t want to eat the puddings straight out of it try cut the oil by half and add a egg to the dough.

amber puddings 2

 Welsh amber puddings

 2 decilitre almonds

 2 tbsp stevia

 3 tbsp coconut fluor

 1/3 dl rapeseed oil

 Pinch of salt


5 tbsp grapefruit marmalade

1 tbsp butter

1 egg

1 egg yolk

1 tsp lemon juice

Turn the oven to 180 C. Ground the almonds to flour, or use ready made almond flour. Mix with coconut flour, sugar, salt and oil. Stir together well. Line the moulds with some oil and coconut flour. Take one forth of the dough and spread it out evenly in the mould.

Bake the crust for about 10 minutes.

In a bowl, mix some of the marmalade with the egg, yolk and stevia. Pour the mixture in to the prebaked crust, all the way to the top. Continue baking 10-15 minutes until the egg mixture is stiff and the crust is golden.

Red grapefruit marmalade

Juice and pulp from 1, 5 red grapefruits

The outer peel from 1 grapefruit

0, 75 dl stevia sweetening

Wash the grapefruits well. Peel thin slices of the outer peel of the grapefruit. Scrape of and white stuff remaining on the inside. Cut in thin slices.

Scrape out the pulp and juice of the grapefruits in to a pot. Mix with the peel, the stevia and the cut peel.
Heat to medium heat and simmer for 20-30 minutes until some of the fluid has absorbed and the peel is soft. Cool.

amber puddings 003