Restaurant day and vegan elderberry fudge

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Have you heard of Restaurant day? It is an event where anyone can set up a restaurant for one day, and serve food to people in their home, in the park or anywhere in the street. I think it is a great initiative, and may 17 th was the first time it took place in Malmö (it started in Helsinki, Finland a few years ago where it now has hundreds of participants).

I had to join of course, but not really having a lot of space in our apartment, I decided to set up a bike café.

I built a mobile café on my bike, with a little table, hanging baskets and even a bouquet of fresh mint.

restaurant day 1

restaurant day 2

The theme for the café was cakes for every one, which meant some gluten free cakes, some vegan and some without white sugar. There was for example rhubarb and cardamom muffins, rhubarb jam cookies, raw nutballs with rom, coconut, lemon and raspberries and some vegan elderberry fudge that turned out very well.

Fudge is my favourite sweets, I just love how it crumbles and melts in your mouth. Any visit to Britain are not complete without munching on at least on bag of assorted fudge at some point.

Fudge is not very easy to make “healthy”, I would say it is almost impossible if you want to keep the crumbly texture, but I am happy to be proved wrong. But making vegan fudge is not an easy task either (I found out from a English journalist who visited the café and praised my fudge).

For me it took two tries to get it right, and I can not say what the trick is, I think it was just luck. I added the vanilla and the elderberry squash in the end, and then steered the mixture until it started to thicken.

fläderfudge 2

Vegan elderberry fudge

3, 5 decilitre caster sugar

3 decilitre oat milk

100 gram vegan butter

½ tsp vanilla sugar or vanilla essence

1 tbsp elderberry squash

1 pinch of salt

Mix the sugar, milk, salt and butter in a pot. Turn to heat and boil until the mixture can stand the ball test ( a teaspoon of the mixture can be formed to a firm ball in a cup of water) or until it mixtures around 115 Celsius.

Take the pot of the heat and add the vanilla and the elderberry squash, steering rapidly. Keep steering until the mixture starts to thicken. Pour the mixture in to a bowl cowerd with baking paper and let it cool completely. Cut in to squares.

Have you seen and pop up- restaurants on restaurant day in where you live? Or have you maybe participated yourself? It would be great to hear from other cities!

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