Homemade date nutella Easter eggs

chocolate eggs 1

Over the years, Easter has grown to be my favourite holiday. There is spring in the air, buds are bursting, the first spring produce are here, every thing is colourful and there is a tradition to eat a lot of chocolate. What could be better then that!
It feels as if the modern British Easter traditions are mainly about chocolate (fill me in if I am wrong). I have never seen so many different chocolate sweets as when I was in Manchester around Easter a couple of years ago. Chocolate bunnies, chickens and of course the chocolate eggs. How can there be so many version of chocolate eggs?! I am not complaining, I am just fascinated. Of course there is also the hot cross buns, which I adore, and the sinnel cake, which I am not a big fan of since I don’t like marzipan. The Easter lamb I attend to have my own vegetarian go at soon, so look out for that.
We have a lot of chocolate for Easter in Sweden as well, but the focus are more on sweets in general. Instead of Easter eggs made of chocolate we traditionally get these paper versions filled with assorted sweets, a little toy or money. Its a nice tradition that I still quite like. We also have the traditions of the kids dressing out as witches for maundy thursday, going from door to door handing out cards and expect sweets in return. A bit like our own Halloween.

My own version of Easter eggs is chocolaty, but they can still be said to be good for you. They contain no refined sugar and no fat except from the hazelnuts. It’s a chewy, rich nutella, with a hint of salt that makes it more exciting. If you like you can make them more decadent by dipping them in melted, dark chocolate. The batch is made in no time and with minimum work effort. So there is no excuse not to make them over and over again the next couple of days…

chocolate eggs 2

Home made date nutella chocolate eggs

Makes 8-10 eggs

1 decilitre hazelnuts

7-8 fresh dates

1 tbsp cacao

1 pinch of salt

For decoration:

Shredded coconut, cacao or chopped nuts.

Roast the hazelnuts in a dry pan. Let them cool and rub of as much of the peel that you can in a clean kitchen towel. Mix the hazelnuts finely in a blender. Soak the dates in water and rubb of the peel and take out the seed. While mixing, add the dates, the cacao and a small pinch of salt. Keep mixing for a few minutes. If the mixture doesn’t stick together, add a few drops of rapeseed or coconut oil.

Mould the nutella in to eggshaped balls. Roll them in shredded coconut, cacao or chopped hazelnut or other nuts. Chill or eat all at once.

chocolate eggs 3