Hot cross scones and sugarfree raspberry-mint jam

hot cross scones 1

I’v had a crush on hot cross buns since I found out about them a few years ago. I never heard of this typical Easter bread when I lived in London, it was later, after starting to regularly browse British food blogs that our paths crossed. They just felt so much like my cup of tea, I like brown bread a lot and they looked so fluffy and delicious, and also different than other bread with that cross on top.

Reading the recipes they did seem a bit too sweet for me though, with the glaze and all. So tried to make my own, a bit less cakey versions without the glaze. I have hade some failures and some more successful tries. But I think these scone versions are the best ones so far. They turned out light and fluffy, more like buns than scones in the consistency, but still with a nice crumbly surface. The black treacle adds some sweetness, and also a bit of that brown colour that I like.

To go with them I made a simple and quick raspberry and mint jam with no processed sugar. Instead I used stevia powder, a sweetening that they say have half the cholesterol from sugar. I also used some flax seeds to thicken the jam. It is like eating fresh raspberries with a hint of sweetness and mint!
I also think some kind of fig jam would go great with the scones.

hot cross scones 2

Hot cross scones

2 decilitre light spelt flour

1 decilitre wholewheat spelt flour

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

75 gram butter

1 decilitre natural yoghurt

1 handfull sultanas

½ tsp mixed spice

1 tsp black treacle


For the crosses:

2 tbsp light spelt flour

2-3 tbsp water.


Tunt the oven to 175 C.

Mix the two kind of flour with salt and baking powder. Mix in the butter until a crumbly dough has formed. Add the yoghurt, mix spice, treacle and sultanas and steer to a smooth dough.

Divide the dough in to four round balls and place on a oven tray.

Mix the flour with water until it is a smooth mixture. Put the mixture in a piping bag and pipe a cross on every bun.

Make the buns for 20-25 minutes.

Sugar free raspberry- mint jam

2 dl raspberries

½ decilitre stevia powder

1 tbsp flax seed

1 fresh mint leaf

Mix everything in a pot and turn to heat. Boil for about 10 minutes, until the raspberries has dissolved and the jam feels sticky. Eat with in a few days.

hot cross scones 3

hot cross scones 004

This will be my contribution to this months Teatime treats, hosted by Lavender and lovage and the Hedge combers.

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